Rumptstad allows you to guarantee your patients, guests or family the best possible water quality. 

The Rumptstad Villagepump System is a standardized concept for the removal of harmful undissolved particles in surface-, spring-, and tapwater, the use of this system sees to a guaranteed and tasteful drinkwater quality.


The working of the VILLAGEpump system

Through a medium-filter all micro-organisms >50 micron are separated from teh water. After that the water is lead through the VILLAGEpump where all micro-organisms, virusses and bacteria are separated from the water. Several times per day (adjustable) the membrane is cleaned by a backwash system.


Rumptstad Membrane systems

These unique membranes consist of trillions of micropores (very tiny holes) which are capable of catching very small particles, as from 0,0002 mm, in poluted water. Due to these micropores harmful undissoved Pathogene particles like Protozoa, bacteria and virusses are separated from the water. The dissolved substances are let through the membranes. Standard teh Rumptstad membrane systems are equipped with a backwash system, with which the silting up of the membranes is avoided.






Technical Information:

 2 - 6 Bar

Purification intensity:

Virusses > 99,99 % (log 4)
Bacteria > 99,9999 % (log 6)
Parasites > 99,95 % (log 3.3)

Surrounding temperature:

+ 1 °C to + 60 °C

Supply temperature:

+ 1 °C to + 50 °C